Chaser 1.49 MP Demo (OpenSpy) by Jack

The Chaser.exe was patched to support the OpenSpy servers.Download

*USMC* Slideshow#1 by TJ

Shows some USMC vs all, pwn screens etc. Perfect way to remember the first generation of *USMC* clan members. Pot, desarap, executer, Killjoy, Assassin, Patriot, TJ, Jack, Mike, Savage. Download

*USMC* Slideshow#2 by TJ

Modern day *USMC* pwn screens. TJ, Jack, Sokolov, Assassin, Patriot, Killjoy, Charger, Zealot, Alpy, Ucky, Sadic, Milton, Sjaak, Murder, Kashej, Wildcat, Splinter.. past 8 months about. Download

5th Pwn Video by Jack Video Link

In this video you will see the fastest aim and reflexes with a shotgun as well as perfect aim and movement. Total package with a great song to go along with it. It's a must see! Download

Evolution Video by Jack - Video Link

Shows him starting out as a noob and you see him progress into a pro. I love it when those people say there was suddenly one year he got godlike implying he hacks...shuts them up right away. Download

Punisher Video by TJ - Video Link

My latest video includes nothing but sweeps, 1vs9's, 1vs7's, 1vs5's and some other frags I thought were worthy of putting in. Video was made around the time I used the name Punisher. Download

General's Video by TJ - Video Link

Video I made right before I quit chaser for a year. I always tried to keep the scenes top of the line but this is the 1st video I didn't get lazy and just throw filler scenes in. Download

Anti Crash Full by Jack

Blocks all voice command crashes and several uknown ways of being crashed as well. Don't download crap from Zippos site his patches provide another way of crashing you. Download

Anti Crash Demo by Jack

Same exact copy as full version anti crash only converted to protect you in the demo as well. Well done Jack. Again, don't download cheap immitation copies get the best version here! Download

Unofficial Singleplayer by TJ - Video

If your looking for those boring stand around bots with professional quality, stick with the original singleplayer. If you want fast pace bots and a huge battle get to that last mission Download

*USMC* Training Center by TJ - Video

This can improve your skills to new levels. People ask me if it's just better to play against people, this shouldn't be your only practice method but it's used as an aid for a new and unique way to improve faster. Download - Members Version

Unofficial Voice Command Pack by TJ

Update your voices if you're sick of the old ones. They are funny for a while and it's good to try something new once in a while for chaser. All voices were from movies, TV, songs and the rest were made by me and my brother. Download

1.7 Essentials Made by TJ

Install to your chaser directory. The default location is C:\Program Files\Jowood\Chaser - You must change the directory it's installing to if that's not the location of your chaser folder. Full Demo

50+Crosshairs - Better FPS - Anti Crash