Important Matches: Any scheduled clan war or match that was significant.

USMC vs (-2k-) Win 20-5

The second big clan war USMC had verse a good opponent. (-2k-) was considered the best clan dominating chaser for years. However that was a bit before this screen shot. This is the mediocre (-2k-) before they turned into the noob version of today...We would have loved to face their best clan we believe that would have been the most challenging clan war.

USMC vs (-2k-) Win 30-11

It was a very long clan war played in a USA server. I rememeber dominating mostly by myself because Jack couldn't show up so my plan was to use the european USMC members to lag them :P Coli and Petrov are big time ak gayers so it worked out nice.

USMC vs (-2k-) Win 29-1

Jimbo ist ein server crasher. 18-0 he crashed us! That dirty old man. I don't remember the clan war that well but we had our top 5 at the time so it's obvious why we won. Killjoy had more kills before. 11-1 was the other other score we got on gov.

USMC vs (-2k-) Win 9-0

Don't have the other screen shot so I'll just put 9-0 but it was domination. They did have their former leader CaptnkllM plus Coli was actually good back then. So it was a fun match Capt was always a bit stuck up and hated me so it was nice pay back. Ps - Coli you clan hopper!

USA vs Europe Win 9-0

It was really considered a USA vs EU match that just happend to be all USMC members at the time. It was scheduled that way, and it's not our fault they didn't bring their best. I was rusty and we didn't either. We don't claim this as a clan victory, but it shouldn't be forgotten. Don't have any screen shots from the rounds played on the other side.

USMC vs ~]W[~ Win 30-6 Youtube Download

One clan war that W will always have no real excuse for unlike the evolved days of chaser where they can cry hacks\crashes. This is probably the biggest event thats happend for chaser. Even in the more active days there weren't any clan wars with this much hype and drama. This will always be a great rivalry no matter how much we hate each other.

USMC vs (-2k-) Win 24-1

Yet another step down hill for (-2k-) we had to make an agreement to use members only. It was a rape fest I was listening on vent and the players seemed to of had a lot of fun but wern't very challenged. This match was mainly for experience for our members. Any match after this verse (-2k-) wasn't important anymore. They probably won't ever be the same but will be remembered by what they used to be.

USMC vs GoD Win 20-8 Video

Epic battle of the top USMC players taking on a massive army of noobs. It was 2 vs 9 until Jack arrived, we were winning that matchup. Struggled like hell 2 vs 9 on gov side though it was easy on law. It was supposed to be 3 vs 12. Although we didn't even expect 9 to show up which was cool. But at the same time they had 3 guys using white bullet hack very obvious not even trying to cover it up.

USMC vs .:]PT[:. Win 14-0

Fake ~]W[~ members. They got owned 10-0 then at the switch, the server crashed after 4 rounds. The only rounds we lost were because of not taking the match serious and at the time we didn't know who they were. They didn't come back after the crash either. Instead they claimed we crashed the server and lost to Disqualification, lol yeah ok.

USMC vs -]BS[- Win 10-9

This match was a 3 vs 8 which was funny they even disputed the win. I alone had more kills then their whole team combined. They crashed the server first "accidentally" and then restarted for ak's. If that didn't happen the score would be 10-1. We had a completely ridiculous plan to shut them down on law then score 1-2 on gov which was a BIG risk. We wanted the challenge, and we knew they would bring subs.