Acrobatics Training (Demo) by TJ - Topic

This acro map works with demo textures. Click the download put and put in C:\Program Files (x86)\Jowood\Chaser MP Demo\Maps


Acrobatics 2010 by TJ - Topic

DM - I really mixed it up and used a differen't theme so that it wasn't so much of a repeat of the previous maps. It starts out easy and gradually gets harder. There are check poins and ofc secrets throughout the map.


Western Raid by TJ - Topic

CTF\ST - It's a western themed map inspired by Red Dead Redemption. The .FS file goes in addons. It includes both the first ever Turf Wars mode for chaser and the Shock Troops mode. I recommended playing Turf Wars with 6 or more people.


Blood Gultch by TJ - Topic

CTF - Inspired by the halo version of Blood Gultch. It's more adapted to chasers game play. Since the halo version is way too big for chaser. Everything is symmetrical and this map has good fps for an outdoor map.


USMC AimMaps by TJ - Gallery

DM - If you want to improve your aiming, this is highly recommended. An aim map is a small and\or open map to get more continuous action. Theres an aim map for just about every gun with lots of different map layouts.


Mandek Base by TJ

CTF - This map was designed for chasers evolved fast gameplay and tactics. It's symmetrical complex layout is for strategy and skilled players that can move well.


Chaser Surf by TJ - Video

CTF - Chasers version of CSS surf maps. Same ideas, slides portals, launch pads but totally different its like a futuristic out of this world arena and a totally new idea.


USMC Island by TJ

ST - Went really overboard with a driveable boat, helicopter, 3 differnt bombs to activate, booby traps, realistic envioronment, realistic ship. One of my better maps in my opinion.


CTF Fstrike by TJ

CTF - This includes both versions with and without exploitable boxes. The version without includes a faster elevator, no door and lags much less but seemed to be one sided.


Athenz by TJ

CTF - Very detailed and epic envioronment caused some lag problems. For those of you with high fps anyways this would be alot of fun. It's really very underrated.


Clanwarz by TJ - Video

CTF - Perfectly subworlded, has that epic clan war feel to it. Has final strike like areas is symmetrical and never crashes or lags. Numbers mean everything in this map.


Final Strike2 by TJ

DM, TDM - You ever wonder what final strike looks like when it's totally revealed, manipulated and enhanced? It will make you see FS in a new light.


Fort Wars by TJ - CSS Version

CTF - This map is a remake of two forts aim map for CSS. It's really fun to play on and it's odd that it seems to be a favorite of some people because it didn't take long to make.


sLyBooGy by TJ

ST - This was my first good map. I love the layout it's kind of like a gangsta style final strike mixed in with dust2. I thought I lost this map forever, but someone had it on their download section.


Oblivion Arena by TJ - Video

ST - Remake of the arena from oblivion. Extremely fun to play on if you got an imagination. It has that feel to it I knew it would be a good map for chaser, the other chaser arena was bad.


De_Dust by Spectre - Video

ST - Very fun to play in and totally fits chaser maybe not as well as it does CSS. Planting the bomb, defending using tactics is so much more fun in chaser in my opinion. I textured this map for him.


De_Dust2 by TJ - Video

ST - I got the exact same CSS textures for it and even subworlded it. Theres two versions of this map out, some ppl won't replace it on their site so everybodys incompatible. Download this only!


Acrobatics 2008 by TJ

DM - Any other acrobatic map made before this by me was usually for the sole purpose of getting better at movement so it lacked appeal big time. First one to look good, try and find the secret room.


Ultimate Acrobatics 2009 by TJ

DM - Hardest map nearly impossible to complete. I believe I'm the only one still. Good luck and don't get discouraged! If you need a break, find the hidden UFO with a shit load of commands.


Acrobatics series by TJ

If you want to improve your movement there are a ton of maps in this rar. These arn't that really made to look good but you can still have fun suspended 400 feet above the ground, and improve too.


Rocket by (-2k-) Sum1

One of the most played custom maps. Really great k1 practice but Jimbo got lazy on this map glitches every where. Any other map of his is usually not like that. It's our key1 training map.