*USMC* Clan Roster

Name *USMC* Assassin
Aka Queef
Rank Brig.Gen
Country Canada
Age 20
Other Clans )iC(
Experience 4 years
Playing style Elusive survival
Stats Xfire | Chaser Stats
Games Chaser, CSS
Fav Weapon  
Best Weapon Shotgun
Favorite Map  
Friends (non usmc)  
Enemys None
Hardware Razor Lachesis

Assassin is like the first guy I started training, he seemed alot different back then personality wise, I think it's just because he grew up. I had no real responsibility for how he got so good I believe that was because of CSS. He's got a unique playing style and is known for acrobatics and overall movement hence the name Assassin I gave to him lol. He is probably the most underrated chaser player. He's got the ability to outplay any of the USMC leaders. Most of the time hes busy with real life issues or other games but if he really wanted to dedicate his time to becoming better he would surely be one of the top players. He plays like once a month and is somehow able to stay amazing. He's a guy that stays away from the arguing and doesn't like team kill wars. Very peaceful, mature and respectul although it would be nice for him to be active again. Even though we don't talk very much in real conversations I still consider him a friend. If he continues staying inactive I'm perfectly fine with him staying on the roster because hes a big part of this clan and its history.