*USMC* Clan Roster

Name *USMC* Charger
Aka Pew, Pewcifer, Dayman
Rank penis
Country USA
Age 25
Other Clans *USAF* )iC(
Experience 10 years
Playing style Rush
Stats Xfire | Chaser Stats
Games Chaser, CSS, L4D2
Fav Weapon Colt
Best Weapon Shotgun
Favorite Map Building Site
Admired DMONEy
Friends (non usmc) Rams Sum1, Lil ak, jester, kash, acer, maliqe, Prophecy, Karam
Enemys Nollieflips
Hardware Razor Lachesis
Charger has been *USMC* for a long time and is a very loyal member who gets along with everybody. He's also a really good player but doesn't care much for the competitive side of chaser. It's all about just having fun and the occasional clan war for him. He's one of the more mature members that stay away from all the arguing and non sense. He's always been a part of the clan posting new videos and giving some funny comments that make us all laugh. Great sense of humor, taste in music, overall ownage type player glad to have him in USMC.