Chaser Version 1.49 For Windows 10 Fixes

PROBLEM: The Gamma slider in Chaser doesn't do anything in Windows 10.

SOLUTION: (BETA) Click here to download and then extract all files to your Chaser.exe location e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Jowood\Chaser MP Demo\

Update #1: It looks like you need to make sure "Character Shadows" in Chaser ISN'T set to "Projected" or you will get glitching when you die. I will look into fixing this soon hopefully. I will leave this set as a BETA fix for now.

Then you should be able to use the Gamma slider in Chaser. Note that some web browsers may flag the download as a suspicious because it contains .ddl files. If this concerns you then see the section below to derive the fix yourself.

EXPLANATION: This fix uses SweetFX which is a tool that allows you to use custom shaders to change how any game looks. One issue is that SweetFX only works with DirectX9+ and Chaser uses DirectX8. In order to get SweetFX to work with DirectX8 I had to use "ENBSeries DX8 to DX9 Convertor v0.036". For more information see these links:

DX8 to DX9 Convertor:

-If you need any help please feel free to ask for it in our CBOX.