*USMC* Clan Roster

Highest ranked members usually used for clan wars against top competition.You must have a lot of experience and be considered a very loyal and dedicated member that would never consider leaving. Special rights can include administrator or moderator to cbox, music player, site, server, and\or forum.

Current: Jack, TJ, Sokolov, Charger, Assassin, KillJoY


This division is ran by Jezus and Black it's a team of highly skilled guys with great communication and are reserved for special tactics in clan wars.

Current: Jezus, Black, Sjaak, Doni, Ucky


Official members that have completed all of the requirements of the clan. They may clan war only with permission. They must stay active or could risk losing their spot in the roster.

Current: Alpy, Dre , DMONEY, Milos


The very best members that have made a huge impact on the clan that are inactive. Members in this section have earned and paid their dues meaning if they were to come back their ranking would be the same as it was.

Current: Desarap, Pot, Patriot, Laptop


Members that aren't officially in the clan and need to complete all four of the requirements. They are allowed to use the tag in demo only and are never allowed to clan war.

Current: Cabron