*USMC* Clan Roster
Medal of honor

4 years member, 400 Clan war kills, 20 Clan war wins

Current: TJ, Jack

Superior Service Medal

Awarded to clan members who demonstrate superior service through unflinching loyalty.

Current: Milos, khan

Silverstar Medal

2 years member, 200 Clan war kills, 10 Clan war wins

Current: TJ, Jack, Pot, Sokolov

P.O.W Medal

Time spent in an enemy clan, now known as a loyal member.

Current: None

Combat Action

400 Clan war kills

Current: TJ, Jack, Sokolov

Good Conduct

Known for being peaceful and conduct themselves well.

Current: Jezus, Dre, Alpy, Charger, Laptop, Assassin

Bounty Hunter

Scoring 500 bounty points

Current: Black


200 forum posts, Daily cbox poster, Specops division

Current: Jezus, Black

Hall of Fame

Made a significant impact on clan history

Current: Desarap, Pot, Patriot, Laptop