*USMC* Clan Roster

Name *USMC* Dmoney
Aka Dio, Damian
Rank Staff Sergent
Country USA
Age 20
Other Clans None
Experience 4 years
Playing style Knife Walls, run in straight lines, fall at rocket
Stats Xfire | Chaser Stats
Games Chaser
Fav Weapon Knife
Best Weapon Gdl2
Favorite Map *USMC* Island
Admired TJ
Friends (non usmc) Sum1, Rams, Dr.Death, J3ster, Prophecy
Enemys None
Hardware Dell Mouse, Logitech Keyboard
Dmoney started around the time of the first (-2k-) clan war and put on a domintating performance. Ever since then he has been the clan inspiration he gives off a very positive vibe and it's easy to play good and have fun around him. He's known for his legendary knifing skills and can also use a shotgun. He's had some of the most grueling battles with (-2k-) Sum1 in their 1 on 1's he came out victorious every time. He outplayed Dasa and Bill in a non official clan war with ~]W[~ His favorite band is metallica and his favorite genre of music is metal. In real life he works once a week and wants to be a professional hitman.