*USMC* Clan Roster

Name *USMC* Desarap
Aka Lord Desa
Rank Reserved
Country USA
Age 18
Other Clans None
Experience 5 years
Playing style Headshots
Fav Weapon Inactive
Best Weapon Inactive
Favorite Map Inactive
Admired Inactive
Friends (non usmc) Inactive
Enemys Inactive
Hardware Inactive
Screens Inactive
Desarap was a huge part of the old *USMC* He lost interest in chaser but also has an internet problem so he can't play anyways. He was always our top 5 clan war team. I remember some long practices and talking about tactics with him we always stuck together and were good friends. He will always be in our reserved even if he never plays again that's the kind of player Lord Desa was. Hopefully some day he comes back, would be crazy to see him with our new lineup.