*USMC* Clan Roster

Name *USMC* dREE
Aka Noizy, dre day
Rank First Sgt
Country Germany
Age 15
Other Clans *USAF* -]L&A[-
Experience 4
Playing style rush
Stats Xfire | Chaser Stats
Games Chaser
Fav Weapon Shotgun
Best Weapon Shotgun
Favorite Map Aim Shotty
Admired None
Friends (non usmc) Sukh, Hush, Acer
Enemys Dasa, Atecep
Hardware fujitsu siemens keyboard typhoon mouse
Screens None
Dre was apart of *USAF* before he came to *USMC* along with Patriot the same day parts of each clan combined with )iC( and all decided to stay with the *USMC* tag. Probaby the best decision we made because now we got very loyal members like Dre. Dre was accused of hacking by people with small pp's. It sucks that idiots have to ruin players reputations just because they are *USMC* we could have TwB raptor join and they would start accusing him of hacking next. So for the record, every time I've seen Dre play hes been clean and doesn't hack. Dre has the funniest personality and has the most rage I've ever seen and that sensed from acrossed the world over the net lol..Watch him play and someone he doesn't like, he WILL let them know every time lol and in a very funny way too. He hates all PT'S and think they all lag. He owned Zippo 1 on 1 20-7 and has always been medium ranked so I think hes underrated and will most likely move up in rank in the near future.