*USMC* Clan Roster

Name *USMC* Nollie
Aka Jack, Teddy
Rank General \ Leader
Country USA
Age 21
Other Clans )sMs( >>RLTW<< -=y5=-
Experience 6 years
Playing style Fast
Stats Xfire | Chaser Stats
Games Chaser, BF: Bad Company 2
Fav Weapon Shotgun
Best Weapon Shotgun
Favorite Map Mandek Base
Admired TJ
Friends (non usmc) Sum1, Rams, Dr.Death
Hardware CPU: i5 750 @3.5ghz. Video Card: Radeon 5850. Mouse: G500 @1000hz. Headset: Logitech G35. Keyboard: Logitech G11. Mouse Pad: XTRAC Logic. Screens: 3x22" LCD Eyefinity.
When Jack first started he was a super lagger with 400+ ping. He joined a lagger clan called -=y5=- He always got team killed, kicked, and treated badly. When he got a decent internet he joined >>RLTW<< with TJ and Luci and started improving fast. Eventually Jack and TJ joined )sMs( with mOuTH and Apoc and that's when he became one of the best players ever and became well known for his shotgun and acro. He invented the art of box camping. *USMC* was created by TJ and Jack years ago, and Jack is the back bone behind the clan in clan wars, donations, administration, and keeping it active. He's got a unique playing style that all the other top players don't have; he uses shotgun most of the time so hes easily the best overall in that catagory, but also has an amazing ability to outplay players with every other weapon as well without practicing them as much. He plays smart and his shot selection is far superior to any other player so even when hes not active you can't tell a difference.