*USMC* Clan Roster

Name *USMC* Lt.Pot*+|
Aka KC. Salivial. Reaper. Hat "
Rank Lt.Gen
Country USA
Age 23
Other Clans *[PrO]*
Experience 8 years
Playing style Box camp
Stats Xfire | Chaser Stats
Games Chaser. Mortal Kombat 9
Fav Weapon Shotgun
Best Weapon Shotgun
Favorite Map Final Strike
Admired Jack. Sjaak
Friends (non usmc) None
Enemys Everyone
Hardware ----
Lt.Pot was the heart and soul of the old *USMC* Without him around we have lost a part of the clan. He's always going to be on the reserved list reguardless of rather he comes back or not. I remember having in depth personal conversations with him, and playing so many hours with him. He was always the best and most reliable for clan wars. I remember the day he scored 19 to my 20 in a 1 on 1 that he always reminds me of lol. He was a top player no doubt and he did come back for a very short time period and I loved it...Then he disapeared out of no where. I'm worried about him and what happend to him because he really was what I considered a good friend. He won't be forgotten, but at the same time come back and play we want more then just memories...